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About Jayjiva Holistic Therapy

Welcome to my Jayjiva Holistic Therapy website. Based in Worthing, West Sussex I have a therapy room within 5 minutes easy walking distance from Worthing train station with parking space. My complimentary holistic therapies include: Systematic Kinesiology, Reflexology, Primitive Reflex Therapy, Energy Healing and Jayjiva Flower Essence therapy.

I abide by a strict code of practice in alignment with my therapy insurance policy and continually update my therapy skills to bring the benefits of these relaxing and therapeutic treatments to clients of all ages.

Janet Nethercott-Cable – Independent Holistic Therapist IIHHT.Dip (MICHT)

Inner Calm & Physical Wellbeing

I passionately believe we all have the ability to take charge of our own health and mental wellbeing and that our bodies are incredibly intelligent self righting and self maintaining centres if treated with respect whilst providing the tools to maintain balance.

Modern society because of its demands tends to strip us of our natural inbuilt intuition and body awareness and too much emphasis in general has been placed on western medicine to be the cure of all ills.

Due to our busy lives we sometimes lack enough focus to help ourselves which can place an overwhealming burden on doctors and hospitals. Often we expect from them immediate ‘miracle cures’ and off the shelf expensive pharmacalogical solutions, some of which may have compromising and sometimes hazardous side effects.

If we could just stop for one moment, focus our minds and reach our inner wisdom we can achieve great empowerment, health and happiness.

I have great respect for doctors, medical professionals and hospitals and it’s my mission to work in harmony alongside these. It is important to say that my therapies do not diagnose conditions and are not a substitute for medical treatment and clients should always consult their GP as a first port of call.

All my therapies are truly complementary in this respect and work well with Western medical practices.

Inner Strength and Proactive Health

My personal experience has taught me that instincts are to be trusted and that a pro-active approach is the most effective form of healthcare. Sometimes we experience the unexpected in our lives and by creating inner strength within our mind and body we are more able to rise above the challenges.

For many years I have been studying Natural pro-active health care before I became qualified in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Kinesiology. I have had hands on experience of looking after and caring for cronically, terminally ill and the disabled in their own homes along with experience of working with children with learning disabilities. I’ve had first hand experience of how small changes in diet and lifestyle alongside complementary therapy can have a positive effect and make a real difference to peoples lives.

There are strict controls over use of wording and claims that we Holistic therapists can make, which makes advertising the benefits of our treatments increasingly more and more difficult. Therefore instead of having lists of conditions that my treatments have helped, I will include in my website some interesting testimonials made by my clients, their own personal accounts and some quite surprising case studies!

And finally I’d like to thank my Mother and Father who taught me that illness is not to be feared and nature is to be respected.

“Hear with your eyes, See with your mind, Speak with your heart” – Janet Cable

“I share the Ayurvedic view
of health, that physical,
emotional and spiritual
well-being needs to be
balanced in order to
maintain health and

~ Janet Nethercott-Cable,
Holistic Therapist