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‘Systematic’ Kinesiology is a treatment which uses muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body. A blend of Osteopathic techniques and traditional Chinese medicine, using your body’s own feedback system. READ MORE


A relaxing massage of the feet, derived from ancient healing practices. Applying specific massage techniques to reflex points of the feet – which correspond to organs, systems, energy centres and meridians of the body. READ MORE

Jayjiva Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a vibrational therapy, working with the natural vibration of our body and the Human energy field. READ MORE

Primitive Reflex Therapy

The brain directs automatic, stereotyped movements and responses – assisting survival and protection. This therapy is a natural non-intrusive drug-free approach for adults, working to integrate primitive reflexes. READ MORE

Essence Therapy

Jayjiva essences capture the vibrational energy of flowers, sound & crystals within water, using sunlight and or moonlight, with french brandy as a preservative. They are designed to dispel negativity, promote happiness and thus encourage well being. READ MORE