Case Studies


Kinesiology – Mrs P (Ulcerative Colitis & Arthritis)

After many trips to the A&E dept and a final diagnosis of Ulcerative colitis. Mrs P came to me enquiring about Kinesiology. Along with a list of foods to avoid and very strong medication that had been advised by the hospital she arrived for her initial consultation looking very pale, exhausted, low in spirits and energy and desperate to find another way of managing her chronic condition.

She mentioned that the medication she’d been given to help improve her condition seemed to upset her digestive system even more so with chronic stomach pains, bloating, diarrhea & bleeding and therefore she was desperate to find another way to improve her health. Her Arthritis had also become very severe affecting her mobility.

Mrs P had for many years been prescribed anti-inflammatories, antacids, painkillers and antibiotics. She had a history of arthritis, acid reflux & hiatus hernia. During her hospital appointment she had been given a list of foods to avoid which left Mrs P finding it hard to decide what she ‘could’ eat! After an in-depth consultation where we discussed her medical history, we agreed that Kinesiology was the best way forward.

Digestive support

It became clear during the muscle testing that her digestive system was in need of support, specifically relating to her stomach, spleen, small intestine and large intestine meridian, which tested weak. The treatment required was mostly biochemical in nature with an element of emotional support needed.

Food Testing

In addition to this we carried out some food testing. Mrs P brought along samples of the foods she would eat on a general basis which we then tested to see whether they enhanced or dampened her energy. Interestingly some of the foods that she was told to avoid her body responded positively to, which meant she had a larger variety of foods available to eat. We were also able to identify and introduce other biogenic foods too whilst eliminating foods which dampened her system.Treatments were at four weekly intervals.

Supplements and Bach Remedies

We used a combination of Natural Supplements and a Bach Remedy which were: Glucobalance, Betaine plus HP, Bioacidophilus, Iron, Omega 3 & 6, Boswellia resin and Oak (Bach remedy) for strength & emotional support. Note not all these were taken at once but over a period of a few months. With a combination of supplements, dietary & lifestyle adjustments within a month Mrs C’s symptoms had improved significantly.

Health Improvements

Within 6 months the symptoms of her Ulcerative colitis had disappeared and her Arthritis joint pain and mobility had greatly improved. At her next hospital check up they were surprised to find that Mrs P’s condition had significantly improved and after talking to her doctor, between them they decided that she no longer needed to take any medication. Her condition had improved to the extent that she was able to eat many of the foods she had previously needed to eliminate. Her energy levels had returned and her quality of life had returned.

Willingness to make positive changes

I have no doubt that due to Mrs P’s willingness to participate and put in place the lifestyle, supplements and dietary changes suggested that this gave support to her digestive system and enabled her body to respond well. Mrs P has learnt that diet and emotional well being has had a huge affect on her health and at times of stress or when her diet is out of balance she is able to put back in place lifestlye changes to address the balance.

Maintenance Treatments

Mrs P visits me every six weeks just for a maintenance level treatment and has since been discharged from the hospital and is no longer on any regular ongoing medication.