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About Reflexology

A relaxing massage of the feet, derived originally from ancient healing practices. Reflexology will apply specific massage techniques to the reflex points of the feet – which correspond to organs, systems and energy centres, meridians of the body. As a therapist, one learns to identify through touch areas of the feet which may need balancing. Stimulating these areas has a balancing effect. Occasionally, it’s appropriate to work deeply into reflexes which sometimes can feel a little tender. This usually improves over time.

Treatment is fully clothed, with only the removal of footwear and is carried out in a lounger-style chair with the feet supported. So lie back comfortably, relax, and I’ll do the rest!

Benefits of Reflexology

Many of my clients have reported: a feeling of complete calm and relaxation and often fall asleep during the treatment; improvement in circulation; quality of sleep; improved mobility; increased energy levels; regulation of bowel movements and menstrual cycles, bringing the whole body and mind into balance.

What to expect on your first visit?

An initial consultation will take place on your first visit – we will discuss your own health matters and treatment plan. It is therefore advisable to allow an extra 20 minutes for the first treatment and to bring along details of any medications that you may be taking.

If you have any special needs or concerns about accessibility please contact me before your first visit to discuss. Please note that occasionally it may be necessary to get a referral from your GP before any treatment can be given. Any information given will be treated sensitively and in the strictest of confidence.

£35 for a 45 minute Treatment or £40 including a bottled blend of Jayjiva Essences to take home

To arrange an appointment, please complete my Contact Form, via the Booking Enquiry button below. I will contact you as soon as possible.

My doctor recommended that I try Reflexology after years of suffering from chronic Arthritic pain and Osteoporosis. Reflexology really hits the spot and is obviously very powerful. The pain in my legs has become less frequent, less acute and my mobility has improved. I’ve tried most therapies and Reflexology is the only one I’ve been able to truly relax with.

V. L ~ Goring,
West Sussex