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“Ostara invites you to welcome the power of new growth by holding it in your heart.”

I have created an ‘Ostara’ Soul Blend Flower Essence Combination – to bring you emotional support. This Essence contains energetic imprints of the flowers below:

CelandineDuring times of extreme stress our ability to see clearly becomes scattered. Celandine with its ability to focus with glass-like clarity helps us to refocus our scattered mind to allow clear vision, lighting the way to a hopeful and more positive pathway ahead.

Forget-me-notGently allows us to hold onto positive memories, feelings of Love, Comfort and Calm Acceptance, as we reconcile the emotions of grief; whilst remembering and honouring the loss of our most treasured.

CleaversHolding onto habitual ideas about ourselves or perceptions of what others might think of us, leaves us held in emotionally stuck, negative holding patterns. Cleavers helps to release us from the confines of outmoded and stuck emotions, making way for new growth and emotional freedom.

DandelionFor times when we feel most fearful and need our brave, emotional lion to rise up and awaken. Dandelion promotes Courage, Resilience, Self-empowerment and Strength, when moving forward to overcome challenges.

If you would like to receive a bottle, please click on the button below. Each 30ml bottle costs £10.00, including postage. Only available in UK.

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Ostara Essence : Jayjiva Soul Blend

Each bottle contains : Water, Alcohol (natural preservative) & energetic imprint of flowers & vibrational energy. Keep out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children.